Abby is so full of life and spunk. She has more personality than any kid I've ever met. She loves to dance and sing and most days you can find her in one of her princess dresses twirling about the house and shaking her hips. She loves helping no matter what you're doing. She bakes with mom, fixes things with dad and tries her very hardest to do homework with Izak. She loves her kitten Brue and our dog Cali and sneaks them treats whenever she can. Her favorite color is pink and if she can climb just about anything. She wakes up at the crack of dawn chipper as can raring to start the day. She loves her brother with all her heart even though she pushes his buttons sometimes. She is quick to apologize and even quicker pass out hugs and kisses. Her favorite hideout is Mom's closet where she tries on all of my high heels. She loves to paint and chase butterflies and would live on the trampoline if she could. She has crazy blue eyes and a million and one faces.

A trip to the Park with Abby's Birthmom and Grandma


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